Architect + Nutritional Therapist

Bilska de Beaupuy is a partnership of an architect and a nutritional therapist, Monika Bilska and Arabella de Beaupuy. We are longtime friends and share many sensitivities towards life, nature and aesthetics. What brought us to work together, is the realisation that our respective knowledge in design, sustainability, building materials and health can make a change to the domain of architecture and construction. We design architecture for the purpose of connecting people to themselves and to the world around them, combining practical and evidence-based knowledge with abstract and conceptual thinking. Our drive is to create beautiful spaces with a positive impact on the environment and health. We call this Nutritious Architecture and integrate it to all our projects of architecture, interior and product design and art installation.

 Monika Bilska and Arabella de Beaupuy of Bilska de Beaupuy


Before co-founding Bilska de Beaupuy Monika worked for 8 years at Zaha Hadid Architects in London.  Monika was a designer and team leader during design and construction stages of large, multifunctional projects such as Soho Galaxy retail and office complex in Beijing, and King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center, a Leed Platinum targeting research complex in Riyadh. In addition, Monika was involved in the design of multiple projects varying in scale and function ranging from masterplans, public buildings, residential villas to product design.

Monika completed her master degree in architecture and town planning at Technical University of Lodz, Poland and studied at Dessau Institute of Architecture, Germany. She was a tutor at Urban Design master course at the Bartlett School of Architecture in London. Monika published articles and taught international student workshops on algorithmic design in architecture and urban planning.


Arabella is a qualified nutritional therapist with clinical practice in food intolerances and chronic inflammation. She completed her bachelor and master of science degrees at the University of Westminster. Using the Functional Medicine framework, Arabella worked with patients with wide scope of pathologies from HIV to multiple comorbidities such as diabetes, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome or asthma. She is the author of the nutritional recommendations in 'Coming of Age: A Guide to Ageing Well with HIV', published by JUSTRI.

Prior to her science degrees, Arabella worked for a number of years in France and in the United States in developing and managing press and public relations in start-up activity of brands such as Pierre Hermé Paris and Jeff Leatham.


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