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nutritious architecture

We are an architectural studio based on the concept of Nutritious Architecture®. Nutritious Architecture is a holistic term we have developed to define our approach to architecture and its relationships to the human being and the environment. We design Nutritious Architecture for the purpose of connecting people to themselves and to the world around them.  We create spaces to nourish people's cultural, emotional, physiological and spiritual needs.

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 We believe every component in the building is a nutrient, from language of form, proportion of space, colour to building materials. Building materials have many facets and we use their tactility, texture, aesthetics and energy to influence how the user will feel and react.


Every surface has a functionality and a relationship with the inhabitant and the environment. For all our projects, we focus on using only non-toxic building materials and create healthy indoor climate. We integrate sustainable technologies to positively impact the environment, air quality, as well as quality of water and soil. We apply philosophies such as Cradle to Cradle (C2C) and Circular Economy to ensure that all elements can be easily reused, recycled or safely disposed.

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